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Maxx Hassell 

Maxx Hassell is ready to expand the reach of his kingdom.  And his new single, "24 Karat/Au" is his battle horse.  The Nard & B produced track is laid back enough not to wage war, but bottom heavy enough that a march to the dance floor is inevitable.  The song was born of inspiration from XXIV Karat Sparkling Wine and borrows its subtitle "Au" from gold's notation on the periodic table, which Maxx uses cleverly to call across the room to his muse in the song's catchy hook; "A-U/You got my heart..." It leads the charge of Maxx’s latest sonic invasion, #Slingshot. 

Dante Hill

Dante Hill is a NY-based rapper representing the musical collective known as The Rooftop Dreamteam. Writing poetry since 11 years-old, Dante began rapping seriously at 15, when his peers began to acknowledge his ability to put together freestyles over beats. Dante's current style of music serves as a pleasurable mix of sincerity arranged through well-spoken lyricism, and catchy wordplay that the mainstream audience can love just the same. Through his efforts, Dante hopes to turn his collective into a serious business, built through the integrity and honesty of his music. 
Hope all is well, as the manager of multi-talented Dante Hill, I would love to send you our EP that was released the first week of March. As we are receiving positive feedback and numbers for the EP, I am hoping you give it a chance for yourself. The EP can be found via Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and Amazon Music.
While We Work is rap artist Dante Hill's debut EP recorded at Lounge Studios in the heart of NYC. The story is one of progression through sacrifice, and the escapades that come along with that journey. Be sure to check it out, along with our single "Hit Her Up!" 

Kore Stacks 

Kore Stacks was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and moved to Atlanta, Ga., in 2014 after deciding to pursue his hip-hop career. Growing up was hard, coming from a family where there was no love and affection. His childhood was built on tough love and street life, which shaped his musical sound. Kore Stacks has a background in art and dance. He attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts for two years before discovering his love of lyrics. Shortly after, Kore Stacks began to write about the pain and struggles he had endured in life, and in 2012, he wrote his first song “Cocky Nigga," which gained massive local exposure. From there, he began to do open-mic nights and interviews. Songs such as “Pull It,” took his audiences to a new level and shaped his hardcore identity in the hip-hop realm. Kore Stacks' career looked even more promising at the end of 2014, after he signed a deal with EOne Entertainment. His new project, "Ambitions of A Hustler," is fully backed by the company and hit the iTunes onJan. 20. Now he has Love or Hate out on iTunes and music video featured on world star. February 12,2016 world wide his new album will be in store Ambitions of a hustler the green print with special features from Kalenna Harper from Diddy Dirty Money and Q Parker from 112.  Not to mention he is the new brand ambassador for a new Caribbian drink that's launching this spring called "ououismooth ", along side Christina Johnson . 

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Twitter: 1korestacks
Instagram : @korestacks 

PB the Composer

With the powerful effort of superstars like Kendrick Lamar, and the emergence of the next generation like Boogie and AD, it's obvious the love for the art of hip hop is alive and well in Compton CA.  PB the Composer is yet another talented artist coming straight out the hub. This independent artist and song writer is mostly known for his recent appearance on Power 106 with Justin Credible and J Cruz. PB was a 6x champion in the Bar Fight rap battle held live on air. PB has been featured on blogs such as World Star Hip Hop for his music video “Kings Cup” which he also directed. This past August, PB was the Artist of the Month on the “Up Next” Web series and interviewed by Kornelius Barcombe PB has a catalog of 60+ recorded tracks, 3 full length mixtapes, and 30+ performances since 2013. Recently, PB was selected to perform in a showcase held by Coast 2 Coast Magazine in Austin TX during SXSW. Everything pertaining to PB the Composer (music, visuals, interviews, photos, shows, etc) available on

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Title - Stressin prod. by BEANz
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